Thoughts and Theory

Public dataset and analysis of the evolution of parameter counts in Machine Learning

Model size of popular new Machine Learning systems between 1954 and 2021. Includes n=139 datapoints. See expanded and interactive version of this graph here.

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  • Causal inference from observational data is a very important topic for many different fields ; better causal inference concepts and tools can help us disentangle topics such as the long term factors of economic growth or what biological indicators are accurate trackers of biological age
  • There has been much original research done in the last 20 years on representing causality…

  • Without humans aiding it, GPT-3 produces inconsistent results
  • Its context window (its memory span) is quite limited, so it cannot produce long coherent texts on its own
  • GPT-3 will most likely not be able to accurately summarize and explain data…

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What are the main consequences of climate change?

The problem of confounders

Jaime Sevilla

ESR NL4XAI. Math and computer science expert.

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